In Tandem

jann klose in tandem album art


jann klose gary lucas stereopticon album art

Sacrifice EP

jann klose sacrifice ep album art

Black Box EP

jann klose black box ep album art

Singles & Compilations

Don't Give Up

Jann Klose with Annie Haslam Don't Give Up Single Art Written by Peter Gabriel

Duet with Annie Haslam
(Written by Peter Gabriel)
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Action Moves People United

Various Artists
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Acoustic Guitar Project

The Acoustic Guitar Project: New York

Various Artists
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Action Moves People

Action Moves People CD art

Action Moves People

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Healthy Food For Thought

Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough To Eat

Grammy® Nominee - Various Artists
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Prambors Hits Vol 3

Prambos Hit Vol 3 Jann Klose It's Not The Way

Only Available in Indonesia


Married Young

Married Young movie artwork

COMING SOON! Feature Film (Original Song "Love You the Most") 

One Little Finger

One Little Finger movie artwork

Feature Film (Song "Let Me Be Brave")

The Beauty of Disaster

beauty of disaster short film jann klose janet stilson nicole gomez-fisher roger wayne

Short Film (Film Score & 2 Original Songs)

Greetings From Tim Buckley

greetings from tim buckley movie jeff buckley penn badgley imogen poots gary lucas jann klose

Feature Film (Singing Voice and Guitar of Tim Buckley) - Universal

A Venue For The End Of The World

venue for the end of the world documentary santana ian anderson jann klose dick cavett

Feature Documentary (2 Original Songs & Interview) - BrinkVision

Dead Broke

dead broke paul sorvino movie warner bros jann klose david byrne

Feature Film (Original Song "Black Box") - Warner Bros

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Music Videos

NEW! Love You the Most with Alicia Madison (Single) 

NEW! Pour the Champagne (Album: IN TANDEM)

NEW! Love High (Album: IN TANDEM)

NEW! Take Me 2 Forever (Album: IN TANDEM)

Make It Better (Album: MOSAIC)

Doing Time (Album: REVERIE)

Interview and live acoustic performance of "Still" on Entertainment Tonight, Denny Directo

The Beatles "Something" Live at George Harrison Tribute Concert at B.B. King Blues Club in New York City