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"Klose has a fabulous, wide-ranging voice with an individual style... 4 Stars!" -- Mike Barnes

Washington Post

“Klose wins over the listener with his soaring voice, which may well be a staple of chamber pop for a long time to come.” -- Alexander F. Remington

Mass Live

“The first thing that's totally unmistakable about Jann Klose is that voice – which is just light years beyond that of the typical singer-songwriter… a sound that is classy, distinctive and often irresistible.” -- Kevin O'Hare


"Jann Klose was born in Germany and raised in South Africa but his music is all-American pop rock of the finest order... Combine his songwriting and singing chops with his artful experimentation — songs include flavors of reggae, punk, and more — and you understand why Klose moves ever closer to pop-rock eminence." -- Nancy Dunham


"Mosaic represents his most promising effort yet, an album chock full of instantly accessible melodies and, by turns, genuine pop appeal... The fact that he’s capable of crafting angelic ballads like “Still” and “On and On,” and irresistibly upbeat entries such as “Four Leaf Clover” and “Falling Tears,” makes it clear he has the necessary skill to manipulate emotions. Likewise, his solemn and yet soaring take on Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” demonstrates a certain savvy that’s all too rare, knowing how to retain the imprint of the original while interpreting it in such a way as to make it wholly his own." -- Brian Baker

Pop Matters

“DOING TIME features a modal melodic passage on accordion. Snatches of European folk-dance provide touches of melancholia. Measures that recall Hungarian composer Bela Bartok subtly appear. The lyrics are pleasant, but what creates the mood is the sense of emotional history that Klose owns up to.” -- Lisa Torem 

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People Magazine SA

“TAKE ME 2 FOREVER has strong African and house influences to it and the track clearly celebrates the celebratory feeling Jann discovered during his time in South Africa. His vocal is clear and strong which is necessary for the sonic direction he has decided to explore. The star’s sound is exciting and current and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us on IN TANDEM.”

San Jose Mercury News

“Singer-songwriter Klose shows he can create diverse new tunes that rival those of such masters as (Tim) Buckley. His songs offer hard-to-resist energy, memorable melodies and intelligent, well-crafted lyrics.”  -- Paul Freeman

Chicago Examiner

“He has no limitations and proves himself one song after another. As the CD progresses the songs develop into a work of art complimenting the previous song with style. Not many CD’s are perfect from beginning to end, but REVERIE is a timeless work of art that has no bad songs, lyrics, or notes.” -- Roger Reis

New Music Weekly

“I just got a copy of Jann Klose and his REVERIE project. This is an amazing collection to great music and every track has something special in it. My favorite cut is ‘Give In To This Life’ that could end up becoming a radio anthem.” -- Jon Hudson


“Jann Klose has star power. Klose’s gentle but undeniably strong voice and poetic, insightful lyrics make REVERIE a treat for the ear. A soothing journey through Klose’s mind and soul, the album is aptly titled.” -- Abigail Wright

Fairfield Weekly

“The Bronx-based Klose has the emotions of a sensitive folkie but catapults them with a voice and tone that evoke a libido-driven soul singer.”